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The Astrological Tarot Card Spread

This spread uses one card to represent each of the astrological houses. Each house represents an area of the client's life. I find this a very useful spread to begin a consultation as it will show the major events happening right now in the present and for the next  few months. Each position may represent a situation, person or event in that area of life of the client. This spread look at all aspects. Anything that comes up here can be expanded on in further spreads.


Certain houses are interrelated:


Life/Philosophy/creativity                   1st, 5th, 9th - these are the Fire Houses.

Money, work, career                           2nd, 6th, 10th - these are the Earth Houses.

Communication/relationships              3rd, 7th, 11th - these are the Air Houses.

Emotions, feelings, subconscious       4th, 8th, 12th - these are the Water Houses.














POsition 1: The consultant, their personality. How they are feeling right now.

Position 2: Issues to do with money, security, material resources

Position 3: The way the client is thinking and how they communicate. Letters, messages, information coming. The client's thought processes, ideas and worries.

Position 4: The consultant's home, upbringing, traditions and parents.

Position 5: Fun, creativity, children, self expression, Love affairs, risks, animals, gambling.

Position 6: Health, commitments, everyday working environment, duties and responsibilities, work and service.

Position 7: Partnerships, relationships, others, enemies.

Position 8: What the client shares with a partner, shared resources, Dependency on others, Shared finances, life after death.

Position 9: Higher education, new experiences, long journeys, philosophy and general state of mind of the client.

Position 10: Career, direction, respect that others have for the client. Where they are heading.

Position 11: Friends, socialising. The client's hopes and wishes.

Position 12: The consultant's subconscious, secrets, inner self, mysteries and hidden enemies.

Position 13: The main message or overtone for the reading.

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