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Birth Path or Path of Life Number

The Path of life/Birth Path Number or Vocational Number is one of most significant core number you possess. It represents what you are best suited to doing; what talents and abilities you have brought with you into this life that you can use on a daily basis. This number represents what you are meant to do and your most comfortable way of functioning. It is a single digit number derived from the total of your Birth Date.  It shows in what areas opportunities that will present themselves to you during this lifetime and describes  how you can fulfil your purpose. It is one of the most significant numbers in Numerology. All the digits are added together and then reduced to a single digit. The exception is the Master Numbers 11, 22, for example. These have extra emphasis, are strong energy vibrations and also bring extra rewards. Your are born with this energy and the numbers in your birth path cycle throughout your life giving rise to the energy transits of The Personal Year number, Total Year Count, Pinnacles and Challenges numbers and the Birth path Sub Cycle numbers. The combination of these numbers will give a great indicator of the sort of events you will experience each year. The number transits operate from your birthday to birthday each year and do not necessarily correlate with the calendar year. 

See individual birth path numbers.

For Example: if your birthdate is 30 th October 1975

= 3 (3+0)  + 1 (1+0) + 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 (22/4) = 8



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