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The Meaning of The Emperor Card  No 4

The Emperor is the male regal figure. He represents power, authority stability and order - all the qualities encompassed by the number 4. He may appear as a father figure or an authority figure such as a boss or mentor who offers guidance and wisdom. He will be knowledgeable and good at business and can assist you in making sound decisions. Symbolically the Emperor is an older man and a wise ruler. Associated with the sign Aries of which there are many symbols of the ram represented on this card, and the masculine energy of Mars. (Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries). He still wears armour although his sitting position implies he has many battles behind him and that he deserves respect. When the Emperor turns up in a reading, system, order, stability, authority and organisation are indicated here. There may be a promotion at work or more responsibility in some way. You may move to a job with better prospects. Whatever the case you will be putting your good organisational skills in to practice.. Discipline, structure and order are needed. The Emperor has the stability and strength of the number 4 behind it.

If you select this card as your card for the day then hard work will be required. You will need to be disciplined and ordered to achieve all that is required of you today.

Reversed: restriction by rules, some issue concerning authority causing a problem. Opposition and difficulties at work could be indicated. In general it could mean conflict with a dominating man.

The Emperor IV
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