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Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Card 10

In this card we see a turning wheel which represents the wheel of life. The Wheel is in cyclical motion. In each corner of the Card we see Four Winged Creatures  representing the Four Elements. The Winged Angel represents Air, the Eagle represents Water, The Bull represents Earth and the Lion represents Fire. These also correspond to the biblical gospels Mathew Mark, Luke and John. From earliest Christian times, the man, the eagle, the lion and the ox,  have been accepted as the symbols of the four evangelists. The man symbolises St. Matthew, because his Gospel begins by talking about the ancestors of Christ. The lion is St. Mark, the ox, the sacrificial animal of the bible, and is representative of St. Luke. The eagle, believed to be the only animal that could look straight into the light of the sun, is St. John.  In contrast these creatures also correspond to the four fixed signs of the Zodiac; Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo. So this card is very rich in symbolism and history.

In a reading this card represents the work of fate and those circumstances beyond the client's control. If it is upright it classically means good luck and good fortune for the client - an unexpected turn of events for the better. This card may turn up when the client does not need to take any action in particular as things will turn out well without any human interference. This card's present often indicates someone with an optimistic nature and outlook regarding any question. The number 10 is significant in that 10 reduces to 1 the number of new beginnings and a new start.

Reversed: Pessimism, poor luck. In reversed it may mean a you feel down about your circumstances. The good news with the wheel is that what is down must come back up so it is temporary. Try to keep in mind the big picture and stay optimistic. Look for alternatives and contemplate ways to improve things. Things will get better with time.

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