Simple 3 card Tarot Spread - Past,Present & Future

Simple Tarot Spreads. Past – Present – Future Spread This is the simplest and quickest spread and probably the best known of all Tarot Spreads. You just think of an issue that you require some clarification on. To select your cards you just shuffle the deck and spread the cards out (face down) and select three cards moving them out of the deck. Then turn them up one at a time or you can cut the deck (all cards face down) into 3 groups whilst you are focussing on your issue, and then turn up the top card on each stack. This is a near future spread 1-3 month timing spread. Position 1 represents the energies and events in the past that still affect you in the present. It can highlight somethin

The Winter Solstice in Australia today

The Winter Solstice today. I thought I would take a moment to look at the significance of the winter solstice for us all. For me I look forward to this day every year as we reach our shortest day and longest night in the southern hemisphere. This means in practical terms that from here on the days start to become longer and summer is on its way back to me but the significance of this day is so much more than that for all of us and each of us will experience its influence in different ways. There are many ways you will feel this deeply contemplative energy. Spiritually the winter solstice has great significance for us all: Solstice means "standing still". "The winter solstice acknowledges the

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