Happy New Year 2019- Universal Year 3

Happy New Year Everyone. 2019 is a Universal Year of a 3. It is all about advances in communication and new ways of expression. A voice will be given to those who have not been heard before. This energy encourages everyone to express their ideas more freely and to advocate for change. It is more a time of joy, new friendships and breakthroughs in communications.

Merry Christmas

Good morning Everyone, Just a little note to say thank you for all your support during the year. Be kind to yourself and those around you. Christmas is a time to celebrate the good things in your life. I hope you all get to relax and enjoy the Christmas time with those you love. Christmas is all about love. It is a time of year when our hearts are more receptive and harmonious and our hopes are renewed. Christmas time reminds us that the relationships we make; family, friends and work colleagues, be they brief or life long are what life is all about and what is important. If you are feeling exceptionally emotional at the moment the Full Moon in Cancer brings about a focus on relationships in

Jesus Christ Numerology

Good morning everyone. Well we are coming up to Christmas so I thought I would have a look at some Christmas Numerology Most of the references to Jesus’ numerology follow the Chaldean system rather than the Western Pythagorean system I use. Both give an end result of spirituality that describes his personality and his life well. In the Chaldean system his Expression number is a 9 – compassionate, giving, caring, empathetic, spiritual, enlightened etc. Below is the Numerology for the Chaldean system of calculation J E S U S C H R I S T 1 5 3 6 3 3 5 2 1 3 4 9 + 9 = 18 1 + 8 = 9 Now with the Pythagorean system, Western Numerology that I use: J E S U S C H R I S T 1+5+1+3+1 3 + 8 + 9+9+1+2 Tota

Meaning of a Birth Path 5

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the Birth Path of a 5 - these are adventurous souls - not afraid to try something new or to come up with better ways of doing things. Without the talent and confidence of the number 5s life would be very boring! Birth Path/Career Number 5 No 5s key motivation is a desire for freedom. With a birth path of a 5 you like to be free to come and go as you please without restriction and you do not like to be told what to do. You are restless and impatient, always keen for the next exciting experience but you also have a quick, versatile mind and will be very adaptable to many circumstances, thriving on change, variety, adventure and new things. Your in

Meaning of a Birth Path 4

Good morning everyone. Today we are on to a Birth Path of a 4. These are the dedicated, hardworking, tolerant co-workers we know. If you are a number 4 - you need security and will work and save hard to obtain the things you desire. Birth Path of a 4 Organised and practical are the keywords here. You will be conscientious, hardworking, disciplined, honest and sincere, dependable, methodical, systematic and orderly. Routine and stability are important to you as is material wealth mainly for security. There is a great fondness for home and family with this number. You are responsible and others come to you for support. You are not afraid of hard work and will work hard for things you need and

Meaning of Birth Path 3

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the a birth path 3 Just to recap the birth path is all the numbers of your birth date added up and then reduced e.g. 7.4.1966 = 7 + 4 + 1+9+6+6 (22) = 22 + 11 + 33/6 A person with this birth date experiences the qualities of the number 6 - home, family, service to others and the 33 master energy - service on a large scale, charity, benevolence, kindness. They could possibly be involved in leading, teaching or training others in some career in the caring professions. The can be great spiritual leaders - unconcerned with personal gain but simply wanting to do the best to help and heal others and do good in the world. The nurturing instinct is very

Meaning of Birth Path 2 and 11

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Today we are looking at the Birth Path of a 2 and also the 11 for those of you who have this Master Number as their birth path. Birth Path or Path of Life Number: 2 The birth path of a two is all about co-operation, balance, giving. People with a number 2 are sensitive, caring and thoughtful. They are great negotiators and diplomats and tend to have a calming influence on those around them. Number 2s are partner oriented and work well with others and in small groups. If you have a master spiritual number of an 11 you would not reduce it to a 2. The 11 is the Spiritual Light Messenger. You would experience all of the number 2 vibration but also, particular

Meaning of Birth Path 1

Good morning everyone. Let's look at the Birth Paths again. The Birth Path describes the skills we have to work with on a daily basis. This is usually how we function at work and the skills that we have to use. Let's start with the the Birth Path 1 Birth Path/Career Number 1 You will be a leader not a follower; suited to management, directing or owning your own business and other positions of power or public prominence. No 1s love attention. You will be original, inventive, pioneering, ambitious, strong willed, determined, energetic, confident and enthusiastic. You will need and want to do things in your own way - an individual with a stubborn streak who will work best alone or directing oth

Meaning of the Personal Month Number

PERSONAL MONTH VIBRATIONS To find your personal month you add the calendar month e.g. December (12/3) to your Personal Year number. For example a birth date of 18.1.1965. The Personal Year number would be 18 + 1 + the universal year number 2018 = (18)9 + 1(Jan) + 11(universal year number) = 21/3 So the Personal Month number for December 2018 is 3(PY number) + 3(calendar month of December digit) = 6 The Personal Month vibrations are not felt as strongly as the Personal Year numbers but can give you an idea of how the month will go. The energies of the Personal months are similar to the Personal Year vibration just not as “loud” so just imagine these influences as they same energy just on a

Meaning of a Personal Year 9

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at one of the strongest Personal Year Numbers - 9. Everyone feels the shift from a 9 to a 1. Many things come to a close in a 9 making way for a new beginning. PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number Personal Year 9 Completion - tieing up loose ends. Plans started in 1 PY come to fruition, some losses or endings may be associated with this year, compassion, forgiveness, understanding required. You are completing a cycle that began nine years ago. You may need some form of counselling to allow you to let go and make way for the new cycle or may find yourself caring for someone less fortunate, helping friends and giving advice or p

Meaning of Personal Year 8

Good morning everyone. Let's look at the personal Year 8 - achievement and reward. PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number Personal Year 8 Achievement and ambition are the vibrations of this year. Opportunities will present themselves if you have planned things well, been organised, efficient and have worked hard. Good judgement and fairness is needed for success. Good money management is necessary as expenses could be high this year. This is a year for action. Push some of your ideas and plans into motion and you will be rewarded. You need to move forward with all your ideas for improvement. Obtain professional advice in money matters relating to business, finance or prop

Personal Year 7

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the challenging and rewarding energy of the Personal Year 7 - self reflection. PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number Personal Year 7 Knowledge and Wisdom. The Personal Year 7 is a time for rest, to take care of yourself, improve the mind, pursue your interests particularly science, religion or occult. It is a great time to study as you seek truth and understanding, develop your talents. This is a quiet, contemplative that is needed to think about where you are in life and your plans for the future. Evaluate where you are. This is a good time to think about your goals and aims in life. It is not the time for change or expansi

Meaning of a Personal Year 6

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday! PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number Personal Year 6 Responsibility is the keyword for this year. This is a year of service to others, home family and community. If you make your goal to bring happiness and comfort to others you may find love, friends, and great contentment this year. Weddings, children, families, reunions and other family celebrations may be in store for you this year. When you work to help others you will find rewards come to you in many ways. You may find you have the responsibility of caring for others or a family member or children and you will have a strong desire to beautify your home and surroundings so that

Calculating the Personal Year Number

Good morning everyone. A few people have said that they are having trouble with the calculation of the Personal Year Number so I thought I would do a few examples today. Lets say your birthday is 6th August 1985 In Numbers: 6.8.1985 The Universal Year is 2018. The number for this year is 2 + 1 + 8 = 11. (ignore the 0 and do not reduce the 11 as it is a Master number). If the final number is a double or master number you need to consider the meaning of both the higher (double digit value) and lower digit value. You will experience both and depending on your spiritual awareness and development this will determine how much of the master energy you experience. To calculate the Personal Year Numb

Meaning of a Personal Year 5

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the Personal Year 5 - change, freedom, innovation, adventure. PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number Personal Year 5 Keyword is change. This year will be about new faces, new places, new ideas and or maybe a new job or new home. The change will make way for new growth and opportunities. Now is a time to move on from the past and to let go of the old. You will feel particularly impatient and restless and have a strong desire for adventure and change. Maybe you will travel in this year. You may also have a greater concern for world events and be more open minded. Be careful not to scatter your energies too far. Use your good id

Meaning of a Personal Year 4

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking into the Personal Year 4. This one is all about working towards stability and security. It is a calming energy but also a productive year. PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number Personal year 4 – hard work and discipline! Opportunities this year come to you through work. You need to be practical, organised and disciplined. This is a time to put plans in to action to establish some security for your future. You can accomplish a great deal but it will require much effort and dedication on your part.. This is a good time to re-evaluate your personal and business plans. Look at the details. Fix up errors and any mistakes from the pa

Personal Year 3

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Today we are looking at the busy and creative energy of the Personal Year 3 PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number Personal Year 3. This personal year is all about Self Expression. It highlights creativity (particularly through words) or artistic pursuits. It’s a time to study, learn and to try new things. The personal year 3 is a happy time focusing on friends, socialising and lots of activity. During this time you should aim to develop self confidence and creative self expression in some way. Use your imagination in business. You have great ideas and this is the time to bring them to reality. Sharing, socialising and good times are i

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