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What is Numerology?
Basic information on how to calculate and interpret your numbers.

Numerology is the universal language of numbers. It is scientific in its system but also an intuitive process which can be used to understand our personality and the universal energy vibrations that influence our lives.


Numerology, Astrology, Tarot and Palmistry are all great tools for insight into our personality and the forces at work in our lives. Primarily 

Numerology is based on the energy vibrations of the numbers in your name and date of birth and the cycles of the numbers you were born with and is my favourite means of triggering intuition although I have also studied Astrology and some Palmistry. The language of numbers works best for me in my work to assist my clients with questions they bring to me.


Most Numerologists embrace the concept of reincarnation. Each lifetime we have lessons to learn and energies to master in order for us to grow spiritually and to become more enlightened souls. 

  • Each letter of the alphabet has a particular number vibration and energy. The numbers in your name describe your personality. The numbers of your date of birth have particular meaning for your skills and talents and the way you function on a daily basis. From these numbers we can also work out the cyclical influences The patterns of these cyclical numbers describe the sorts of events and emotional experiences we will have.

  • Learning the basics of Numerology and how to calculate your own numbers  will give you  insight into your own personality, your abilities and challenges as well as your lessons in life and the energies at work right now and in the future.

  • Learning how to how to understand and read Tarot Cards is easier than you think and will help to give you further clarity and perspective on life's issues and decisions. All you really need is imagination to interpret the visual message and some understanding of the basic meaning of the numbers.

  • Having a professional consultation will help you to understand more about what is coming up for you and to give you an understanding of the transits you will experience throughout your life.

The most significant personal numbers are the Total Name Total or Expression Number and the Path of Life Number. There are many other sub-paths to these numbers which also hold a wealth of information and insights but these two are the main ones. The Ultimate Goal number sums up both your name energies and your date of birth and gives you the primary energy you should master this lifetime.


When it is all put together Numerology can deliver a powerful message regarding the events in our lives and when they are likely to occur and what we are supposed to achieve and learn this lifetime. 

To further explore your own numbers look at the headings under Birth Path and Expression Number. 

See the drop down menus under Birth Path and Expression Number for details of how to calculate the numbers and what they mean for you. sample expression Number and Birth Path
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