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Meaning of The Lovers Card - 6

The number six is about commitment, responsibility, service, love and family. The Lovers Card is about relationships but actually more about facing an important decision. There is a a choice to be made regarding commitment to one path of which there is seemingly no turning back. Change is imminent. In relationships it shows commitment, love, harmony and the duality of balance. In decision making the choice made is final and involves commitment on a path until the end. The Lovers is the fork in the road. 6 is a harmonious energy. involving trust, love and loyalty. The decision that needs to be made should be made in consideration for the consequences it has on others also -not just yourself. You are facing a fork in the road of life and the decision is life changing.

Reversed: take care in making decisions - gather all the facts. Haste is to be avoided but not the issue!

The Lovers Card 6
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