Meaning of Personal Year 2

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday. I thought we would continue for the moment recapping the Personal Year Number meanings. The Personal Year number is the most significant influence of the number transits. There are many other personal number transits such as: Total Year Count. This is your birth path number plus the universal year number. It represents the feeling of things outside of your control. The Personal Year number is how you experience things. Other personal transit number include the essence number (varies from year to year and represents your spiritual lesson), Pinnacles and Challenges and Birth Path Subcycles but for now lets look at the Personal Year 2. PERSONAL YEAR = Univer

Meaning of Personal Year 1

Good morning everyone. We haven’t finished with Tarot Spreads but I thought I would go over the Personal Year numbers. Working this at the beginning of a reading is very helpful as this number gives you a lot of insight in to the sorts of experiences your client is experiencing right now. Just to recap: PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number e.g. 06.02.1965 Universal Year for 2018 = 2 + 1 + 8 = 11/2 (do not reduce the 11 as it is a master number) Personal Year Number is 6 + 2 = 8 plus UY of 11 = 11 + 8 = 19/10/1. On their birthday this year on 6th February they moved into a Personal Year 1. The shift from a Personal Year 9 to a 1 is felt the most. Everyone senses the shif

The Celtic Cross - relationship issue

Good morning everyone. Im a bit late this morning. Our sweet little 3 legged cat Cleo decided to sit on my laptop last night and delete my post. There were a lot of ??s $ * etc and 54 pages of returns when I got to it this morning. Guess she didnt think much of what I wrote so I have had to start again. I hope it makes sense. Following on with this lady’s query. The lady then asked what would happen if she found herself involved with someone she has been getting to know, someone already in her life in a sense. She wanted to know whether it would work out given that the timing spread tended to show it was a little way away. She was unsure whether it was a good idea or not to get involved at t

5 or 10 card Horseshoe Spread

Good morning everyone. We are continuing on with the relationship issue for this lady. We are now looking at the timing over the next 12 months. For the purpose of keeping it simple we will use the 5 card version but you can gain more information with two cards in each position. The first card represents the energy around her right now. The Nine of Swords indicates a lot of anxiety and worry about entering into another relationship. These fears are unfounded as the Nine of Swords depicts getting things out of perspective and excessive concerns and worries. The Two of cups in the position of Obstacles indicates that a new relationship could be considered more of a problem or headache than som

The 5 card issue spread

Good morning everyone. Just following on from last week its time to look at another spread. The first step in a reading if the client is not asking for anything specific would be to select a few general area cards. Such as one for career, relationships, home and family, friendships, finance for example. I generally start every reading with the Astrological spread as it gives me an overview of all areas of the client’s life. It works well for me as I have spent many years working as an astrologer and so Im very familiar with the houses of the natal chart and their associations. It’s a bit too complicated to cover that one here but worth investigating for yourself. Once you have done a general

3 Card Simple Tarot Spread - Tom Cruise

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at one more example of the 3 card spread. We are revisiting the 3 card Simple Spread we did for Tom Cruise back in July. He has kept a low profile since his split from Katie Holmes. This is what I selected for him. Position 1 – The Past: Queen of Swords Position 2 – The Present: The Moon Position 3 – The Future - 9 of Swords Take a good look at the images of this spread. What is the predominant element? What does this mean? What is your overall feeling about the 3 cards together. Note the colours and the visual images. Are there any Major Arcana cards? What do they mean? Make a note of your thoughts. Don’t forget the Queen of Swords can be an indep

3 Card Simple Tarot Spread

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the simplest spread - the 3 card Past Present and future spread. I thought we would have a look at a prominent public figure or couple - Harry and Meghan. Let’s have a look at what's going on for them. We actually did this spread in July but I think its worth revisiting. I am not surprised that they are having a baby so early on. Below is the spread as we looked at it in July. 1. PAST 6 of Swords 2. PRESENT 10 of Cups 3. FUTURE 8 of Wands Reversed I used a photo of Harry and Meghan to focus my energies on this spread. I shuffled the deck, spread them out face down and selected 3 cards and then turned them up one at a time. This is called doing a

Tips for Doing Tarot Readings part 2

Today we are continuing with GENERAL RULES TO FOLLOW WHEN DOING A READING. 4. Look at the element, number, polarity etc. of each card. Is there a dominance of a particular element or number in the spread? If there are more than two or three court cards the client may be surrounded by and influenced by many people. 5. A high number of wands for example indicates an emphasis on business, communication and negotiation and action in general. it is a very busy time. 6. Mainly cups indicates an emphasis on love, romance, relationships, emotions and feelings in general even if the issue relates to business for example. 7. Mainly swords is an indication of adversity, worries and anxieties. Situation

Tips for Reading Tarot

Good morning everyone. Today we are going to cover a few general rules that may help you when doing a reading for someone: 1. Selecting the Cards Ask the client to shuffle the cards. I usually spread the whole deck out in a row and ask them to select the cards with their left hand from the row. Many readers shuffle and cut the deck into 3 and get the client to select the cards from the top. Some readers select the cards for the client after they have shuffled them. I believe the best way to obtain the messages and information for the client is for them to have the greatest energy input into the cards and the selection of the cards. To me the best way to do this is ask the client t

Tarot Basics

Good morning everyone. We are going to look at a few useful spreads this week but for today I just want to recap a few points before we do that: The cards itself tells WHAT is happening. The position in the spread indicates WHERE in the person’s life it is happening. There are 78 cards in the standard deck 22 of the Major Arcana and 40 of the minor with 16 court cards. The sequence of cards in the Major Arcana is often said to represent a journey of the soul, from the innocence of childhood, through various trials and ordeals to maturity, old age, death and resurrection and spiritual transcendence. The minor Arcana represent everyday affairs in the real world and the Court cards can be peopl

The Meaning of The World Card

Good morning everyone. Its Friday - a great day of the week and a good one to wind up our journey through the Major Arcana. Today we are looking at the World Card No 21/3. The World Card 21/3 There is much symbology in this card as the last of the Major Arcana. The four fixed elements are depicted in the corners of the card (also depicting the four fixed signs of the Zodiac Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and a dancing woman usually appears in a circle of laurel leaves denoting movement and progress. These creatures representing the elements were first described in The Book of Ezekiel in the bible. Christians have interpreted them as the gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. When this card

The Meaning of The Judgement Card No 20

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at The Judgement Card No 20. This one is often misunderstood to mean a new beginning. It is a new you but the newness is more on a higher plane and is a better more spiritually aware version of yourself. The clue is in the Number - 20, a two (emotion and feeling) with the spiritual power of the zero behind it. The Judgement Card 20/ 2 This card often represents renewal, regeneration and awakening. It’ s not really a new beginning as such but more of an awakening or awareness of something that you have always had and this creates the feeling (2) of a rebirth of sorts. When this card appears you may reflect on the past and what you have learned from

Meaning of The Sun Card 19/10/1

Good morning everyone. Today we are embracing the lovely positivity and charm of the The Sun Card 19/10/1 The Sun Card No 19/10/1 This is another beautiful card full of positivity, light and optimism. The child represents joy and adventure, ;the horse progress towards goals. The sun is literally the source of all life. Just as the Moon represents the feminine principle, the Sun represents the masculine principle. When the Sun Card appears success, joy and personal achievement is indicated as well as optimism, ambition and energy. You are on the right track. The 19 reduces to 1 which is very fitting for this card as being centred and confident in yourself (1) is essential to success. The 1 is

Meaning of The Moon Card No 18

Today we are looking at the Moon Card No 18/9. Like the nature of the Moon its meaning is hard to pin down and has many facets and faces- like the phases of the Moon. The Moon Card 18/9 The Moon Card is a mysterious and powerful card. On one hand the Moon represents potential yet to be revealed, secrets and intuition by its association with night and all things hidden in the night that are revealed in the day. In a spread where the question relates to the truth of a situation, it tells you or your client to trust your intuition. If you feel that something is missing or that the picture or your information about the situation is incomplete there is usually something or some fact that is impor

Meaning of The Star Card in the Tarot No 17

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday! Today is a great day. We are moving on to one of the most positive cards in the deck - The Star No 17/8 The Star 17 The woman in this card is associated with Ishtar the star goddess who ventured into the underworld to get the water of life to restore her dead lover. When this card appears in a reading is signifies peace, rest and tranquillity and hope and bright prospects for the future. Problems will be resolved, healing will take place either physically or spiritually and you will feel inspired, refreshed and blessed after a time of hardship and struggle. It is the number 8 so the universe support you to achieve your goals and ambitions and the laws of

The Meaning of the Tower in the Tarot 16/7

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the last of the "scary" cards which you will see is sometime just what we need to get back to reality - The Tower 16/7 The visual image of the Tower is of lightning striking a tower with people flying out of the windows to their deaths. The Tower represents our ego and the small windows our narrow view of the world or our situation. When the Tower turns up we are forced to re-evaluate things. There is often something that comes to us as a shock and sometimes it can manifest as a physical accident that causes us to rethink our lifestyle and situation. We may feel that whatever we think about ourselves or our relationship or career seems to sudden

The Meaning of The Devil Card 15/6

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at another card that tends to terrify people. The Devil Card 15/6. Just remember that the god depicted here is the Greek God Pan - the god of nature, lust and earthly pleasure. The God Pan was a shepherd - half man and half goat. Pan was deliberately demonised as Christianity spread throughout Europe. After the Council of Nicea made the Nicene Creed in 325 the Roman Catholic Church was established. Christian ministers and leaders felt the threat of this god that those working on the land who worshipped Pan and other dieties and so they began transforming Pan from a benign nature god to The Devil, the great Adversary. Now getting back to our Tarot C

The Meaning of The Temperance Card

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at The Temperance Card 14/5. - change through moderation and balancing. Temperance 14/5 Temperance is a great card for warning us about the effects of excesses and of getting our lives out of balance. The 14 is a karmic number which is saying change your way of living (1) through a new foundation (4) to bring about a positive new outlook 5. Too much self indulgence (1) can result in instability physically and in terms of stability in general (4). The 5 is the number of change. Temperance here means moderation by mixing and balancing elements in your life. If we look at the card she is pouring water from one vessel to another - one foot on the land

The Meaning of The Death Card 13/4

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at probably the most feared card in the deck - the Death Card 13/4. I say - bring it on! The Death card is just a timely ending to a situation, habit or pattern of behaviour. This change is necessary to move forward to a new way of being. It is the card of change and transformation, endings and completions. In Numerology the 13/4 also means radical change. The 1 represents the self (1) which through reasoning process and thoughts (3) leads to a new state of firm foundations and stability (4). For most when the Death Card turns up the person is well aware that something is coming to an end. Sometimes it can signify a physical death or extreme ill he

What is a Significator in the Tarot?

Good morning everyone. Being Its Monday - yay not. Anyway I tried to post on The Death Card and my internet stopped working and I lost the post. So I will take the hint and start the week with something else. Hence why I am late posting today. Took me a while to sort out the internet! Today I thought I would focus on choosing a significator when doing Tarot Spreads. What is a significator? A significator is a card that is consciously chosen to represent the client (or a person they are asking about). Some standard spreads may require a significator, but they really are optional. There are many methods for choosing them. It can be any of the 78 cards, either major arcana or minor arcana, alth

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