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Personal Year Number - a powerful cycle number

The Personal Year Number or Personal Year digit is the most powerful of the personal energy vibrations. The next is the personal month followed by the Personal Day. Each year 1 - 9 has its unique feel and will bring particular types of events if these are supported by other personal numbers such as the pinnacle and challenge that is active and the essence number for the year as well as The Total Year Count. Personal Years run in 9 year cycles with the greatest impact being in the shift from the ending of a cycle in a Personal Year 9 to the New energy of a Personal Year 1. The personal year number runs from your birthday to birthday. Your birth path  is the Personal Year number for the year you were born.

Keywords for Personal Years


1. New Beginnings - pioneer spirit, desire to be independent, make plans, a time for action, perhaps start a new business. Time to make a new life for yourself in some way.

2. Cooperation and Patience required- the peacemaker, love, marriage, partnerships highlighted, possibly children, attention to detail in work required. Attracts partners.

3. Self Expression - highlights creativity (particularly through words), a happy time, friends, aim to develop self confidence, sharing, often scattered energy leading to excessive tiredness. Encourages self expression, good for confidence, public speaking, writing, teaching.

4. Work - good management needed, be practical, need patience, build the foundations for your life and security, accomplishment, dedication to a goal or task. Drive for security.

5. Change - let go or discard the old or useless, new places, new faces, travel, may move home or change jobs, in the public eye or community work, experience variety, desire for change and new experiences, restlessness.

6. Responsibility - home, family and community, service to others, weddings, children, families, reunions.  Favours commitment and harmony in relationships. Possible domestic problems if problems in the past have not been addressed.

7. Knowledge and Wisdom - time for rest, to take care of yourself, improve the mind, pursue interests particularly science, religion or occult, study, develop talents, quiet time needed and much time on your own to think about plans for the future.


8. Achievement - opportunities to advance, good judgement and business sense needed, care must be taken in money management which may involve property, investments etc., balance required, often a very ambitious time, you may feel driven to accomplish. A balance is needed between giving and receiving, work and rest etc. Material achievement favoured.

9. Completion - tie up loose ends.  Plans started in 1 PY come to fruition, some losses or endings associated with this year, compassion, forgiveness, understanding required, make way for the new cycle, may find yourself caring for someone less fortunate, counselling friends and giving advice or perhaps being involved in community or charity work or looking after someone less fortunate.

11.  Inspiration - others seek your guidance and counsel, give help or just listen, inner voices, psychic powers, ability to influence others, inventive intuition, could be highly strung or nervous in this year.


22.  Universal Builder do something for all humankind. You may be a leader or manager of large project, providing practical help to others on a large scale.

Date of Birth 02. 04.1968. What is the Personal Year number for this person?

To calculate your Personal Year Number: add Day of Birth digit + Month of birth digit plus Universal Year Number. Universal Year 2017 = 10/1

Personal Year Number:

02 + 04 + 1 = 7

On their birthday in 2017 they went into a Personal Year 7. On the next birthday on the 2nd April 2018 they will go into a Personal Year 8.

Personal Month and Day Numbers 

Yesterday was a 14/5 Personal Day for me - the karmic number of change, excess and all things out of control - sort of fits with the facebook problem but also for me personally I had issues with finding a parking spot and a lots of things that just didn't go according to plan or the usual routine. I also ate too much for lunch and in too much of a hurry and ended up with a stomach ache!


The way you work this out is you take your Personal Year number ( your month digit plus day digit) and add this to the calendar month number. Then add the day digit.


For me yesterday that is PY 6 + 3(March) + 5 (14th day) = 14/5


It is important to remember that the Personal Year transit is felt the most keenly. It is the strongest of the personal number transits. The energies further down the tree such as the personal month number are also felt but on a smaller scale and the daily number even smaller. A bit like ripples in a pond moving from the centre out in their effect.


Another example:


If your Personal Year digit is a 1 then it would be a year of new beginnings, new opportunities such as a new job or maybe a new house. If your personal month number is a 1 then maybe this would be the month you started that new job or maybe you begin a new project or hobby or make plans to improve your home. Its the time you start to think about these things.


If your Personal Day number is a 1, you might find that there is an opportunity for you to take the lead in some small way. Maybe you try to do something on your own for the first time. A personal day 1 would give you a good sense of confidence that day. You may come up with a great idea which is useful further down the track.


This is a simplistic way of looking at the Personal Month and Personal Day numbers but it helps you to get the idea. Just think of the pure energy of the number and then scale it down to events that could happen over a month or a day.


Have a great day! 😊🦉🦉🦉❤️❤️🌻🙏


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