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Expression Number 9 or Destiny Number 9

Number 9s have tolerance and understanding of others. They are compassionate and caring and aim to help and serve others. They are often highly sensitive, imaginative and intuitive. They are inspirational and show kindness to others  usually seeing the best in others. Their reward comes from service to others without expectation of reward. People gravitate to them for help and guidance and they have a great ability to empathise and listen. They need to be careful not to get too involved in others problems to to see the big picture. Occupations include, healer, advisor, counsellor, musician, artist, humanitarian, social worker, actor, The negative expression could include excesses of the physical, delusion, overemotional and oversensitivity.


Don’t forget this is a personality or basic nature number and is equal in our makeup to the birth path number. The birth path describes our most comfortable way of being and how we function on a daily basis. This often manifests in our work.


The number 9s are emotional and often imaginative, artistic  or have musical ability, psychic awareness and ability and an interest in spirituality. Because the number nines are very sensitive to the energy of others they often need time out and solitude to gather their thoughts. The careers they choose are influenced by their birth path as is the case with any other expression number.  For example a birth path of a 3 could manifest as an artist or musician or even an accountant. A birth path of a 7 could be a religious leader or teacher or an actor or writer, a 6 may result in a lawyer, social worker, doctor or educator.



The Master Number Expression Numbers will be discussed in my classes and personal consultations. They hold special significance, talents and lessons for those who have them.

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