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The Meaning of The World Card 21

The World tarot card is the last card of The Major Arcana and the completion of the cycle. The wreath signifies that circle of completion and the concept of infinity and energy flow. The fixed element symbols represent the stability of this stage (Represented by the four evangelists -The lion (Leo), eagle (Scorpio), ox (Taurus) and enlightened man (Aquarius)- representing fire, water, earth and air) The dancing woman in the middle is the spirit force and is the fifth element. She is constantly moving representing evolution of the spirit. The Major Arcana represents important major life influences brought to us by the universal forces. The number 3 here is the ongoing creative process of change and movement. It implies the need to remain open to experience, learning and growth.

This card signifies completion and achievement after all your hard work. Rewards for your efforts from the hardship and challenges you have endured and you are now wiser and more experienced for it. Perhaps a long term project is complete, finishing school or university, marriage, birth of a child are examples. All these events culminating in an achievement which makes way for a new cycle.

 These creatures representing the elements were first described in The Book of Ezekiel in the bible. Christians have interpreted them as the gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. When this card appears it describes the successful completion of a project or goal and the ending of one cycle. There has been a wealth of experience that has brought you to this point and there is a sense of completion, freedom and spiritual wisdom, success, victory and achievement. Examples of this could be completing university, marriage, completing business projects etc. The elements and symbols represent the synthesis of the whole person, completion of a cycle and the continuation of life and experience on a higher level. The number 3 here indicates the new way of thinking, the seeking of new experiences and the creative force of life. The three keeps us developing, questioning and growing and is a very appropriate number for our continued spiritual growth and development which is not possible without the engagement of our higher consciousness. In terms of the Fools journey he feels enlightened, free, wise and confident. He has a sense of fulfilment and completion but is ready for more.

Keyword completion, freedom, spiritual wholeness.
Reversed this could indicate that you are in a vicious cycle that you find hard to escape. You may feel stuck in a rut and routine. A new approach may be needed to prevent the cycle from continuing. It may also mean that a solution has been found to a situation but there will be a delay before the matter can be concluded.

If you draw the world card today maybe you are starting to think about broadening your experiences of life – maybe travelling or studying something of a spiritual nature. You feel that you have come so far and are now ready to broaden your experience of the world with some new venture or adventure. Today could be the day you make those decisions and start your plans in motion. You feel confident and accomplished and ready to take on something new. 🦉🦉🦉😊🙏🌻♥️

The World Card 21
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