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Life Cycle Numbers or Life Path Cycles - subpaths of  The Birth Path (Date of Birth)

If we live long enough, we will experience three sub path periods or 3 life cycle stages based on our Path of Life Number or Birth Path Number. The cycles are specific influences for your particular birth path. Ambition and drive has a lot to do with how these cycles play out. A person’s outlook on life changes with the shift in these numbers. What's important changes. Our desires and attachments change.

The life periods are based on the birth date. The first subpath or cycle is determined by your MONTH OF BIRTH reduced to a single digit. If it is a master number then we do not reduce it. This is the FORMATIVE CYCLE where foundations for life are set.

The second cycle or PRODUCTIVE CYCLE is represented by the DAY OF BIRTH reduced to a single digit. This cycle focusses on career, work, productiveness, relationships and family. Common elements to all of us at this stage of life.

The last cycle is the HARVEST CYCLE and represents the rewards or consequences of what we have done in our lives so far. It can be a very enriching time. To work out this number you take YEAR OF BIRTH and reduce it to a single digit.

The actual age period is dependent on your Path of Life Number. But generally is as follows:

Early Life Cycle/ FORMATIVE CYCLE –  from age 25 to 35
Middle Life Cycle/  PRODUCTIVE CYCLE from age 26 to 61
Later Life Cycle/ HARVEST CYCLE from age 58 - 60 until death

The timing of the first period is linked to Astrology and the time that the progressed Moon returns to its original place in our birth chart. For most this is at about 28 years of age. The final cycle begins at around age 56.

To estimate the completion of the first period, determine the year that the person turns 28. Next, calculate what personal year the person is in. Find the closest personal year 1 to 28 years of age. If they are in a personal year 2 for example then they started the second cycle in the previous year. If they are in a personal year 4 for example and they are say 27 years old then they would start the next cycle. That is they would be in a 1 when they are 33. To determine the beginning of the third life cycle we are looking for the Personal Year 1. For this, it is the 1 personal year a year before, on, or after, the 56th birthday. You will probably need to write down each year together with your age remembering that personal years run in 9 year cycles to work this out.

For example: Birth date 28.12.1962

First Cycle:  12/3

Second Cycle: 28/10/1

Third Cycle: 1962: 18/9

First Period Birth path = 4


To calculate the beginning of the second cycle you need to work out the closest Personal Year 1 to age 28. So from the birth year – moving forward:

Every 9 years they will be in a personal year 1. This persona was born into a Personal Year 4 so move forward 5 years. In 1968 this person was in a Personal year 1 and turned 6 years old.

In 1977 this person was in Personal Year 1 and turned 15

1n 1986 the next 1 aged 24

Closest Personal Year 1 to age 28 is in 1995 where they turn 33. So the second cycle starts at age 33 in 1995

The third cycle starts at the Personal year number closest to age 56

1995 Personal Year 1 aged 33

2004 Personal Year 1 aged 42

2013 Personal year 1 aged 51

2022 personal year 1 aged 60 So the last cycle for this person begins at 60 years old

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