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6 of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles The Sixes mean harmony, balance, equilibrium, home, family and responsibility. The sixes are concerned with justice and rewards. Six of Pentacles or Coins – a welcome relief from struggle Balance and justice in relation to money and security are signified. The sharing out of money and generosity may be indicated. You may receive help from a family member or friend – someone who is happy to support you in practical ways because they feel you deserve a break. Alternatively it can also mean that you or your client are generous and that you like to help others and to show affection. You are happy to give of yourself to others less fortunate as you see it as the right thing to do without expecting anything in return. The scales of Justice in the picture do suggest an element of karma and maybe the repaying a kindness. Which way this energy expresses will be determined by other cards in the spread. Keywords: Gift, generosity, return of karma

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