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3 of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles The number three is the concept of creation and creative expression with the product of a third entity - a bit like having a child only the child is the energy product of often two opposites. The number 3 is also connected with communication and small groups.

In the Suit of Pentacles the creative energy manifests as gainful employment, skill, craftsmanship and expertise. This can have an association with building, architecture, home improvements, interior design, craftsmanship and practical expertise. Sometimes it turns up when you are going to receive new business by referral from colleagues. It can also indicate great work from working in groups of like minded skilled people. There is a consultation process implied and the concept of working in groups. When this card shows up it indicates that you are working hard and that you are doing something worthwhile and appreciated by others. This is a card of satisfying the needs of others and employment but you also of gaining recognition for your abilities and rewards for your work. I find this card usually turns up when a person is involved in a consulting role based on their knowledge and skills and that they are generally part of a small leadership team involved in key decisions of a practical nature.

Keywords: work, employment, skill, referral.

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