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The Queen of Wands

The Queens in the Tarot

The Queens in the Tarot usually represent mature women. They represent the feminine aspects of our personality, and are nurturing, compassionate, and understanding. Their personality traits are defined by the suit they are in. The Queen of Wands – Element of Fire and the fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius She is sociable, happy, positive, energetic, outgoing and busy. Her nature is warm, sensitive and generous and capable of directing many things in business simultaneously with great efficiency. As a wife and mother she is faithful and loving but also independent. She may be fair or red head with green or blue eyes and fair skin.

As a situation this Queen can represent significant progress in business plans or creative projects You are almost at the completion stage and end result. Keep up the good work. Tthe rewards for your efforts are not far away.

If you draw the Queen of Wands today you are more likely to have a favourable encounter with a confident accomplished woman who looks favourably at what you have achieved so far. You may also have a sense of awareness that you have almost reached your goals and you can be confident of a great end result.

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