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The Moon Card No 18

Today we are looking at the Moon Card No 18/9. Like the nature of the Moon its meaning is hard to pin down and has many facets and faces- like the phases of the Moon.

The Moon Card 18/9 The Moon Card is a mysterious and powerful card. On one hand the Moon represents potential yet to be revealed, secrets and intuition by its association with night and all things hidden in the night. In a spread where the question relates to the truth of a situation, it tells you or your client to trust your intuition. The Moon suggests it is time for something hidden to come out in the open. Sometimes it can indicate deliberate deception. In my experience the Moon Card often turns up when someone in your life or your client’s life is suffering from depression, anxiety or misuse of alcohol, drugs or prescription medication. The Moon here expands the emotion and sensitivity of the person’s nature to events and situations around them adding to any tendency for escapism from life's stresses. It can also be associated with one's public image or the image we present to others so again the aspect of illusion or incomplete truth is suggested. The 9 (18 reduces to 9) of this card fits with the influence of the subconscious and the association with intuition and instinct but also empathy for others and the absorption of the energy of others.

Keywords: something hidden, deception, intuition, insecurity and depression.

If you draw the Moon Card today you may be a little more sensitive and vulnerable than usual. You may find out something about someone that explains the way they are or the way they act and this will confirm your feelings about them. Something hidden may come out today. Have a great day - allow your sensitivity to work in your favour to understand others 🙏🙏🙏♥️🦉

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