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The Four of Pentacles

The Fours in the Tarot A square is a stable strong shape with four sides. The number four represents the material world, stability, firm foundations, structure, order, regularity, routine and discipline. It is a calming and stabilising influence. The four is connected with the element earth – practicality, work, order routine, money and security. The stability of this energy is coloured by the suit it is in. 4 of Pentacles This suit is already associated with money and security so the added influence of the 4 brings resistance to change and obsession with material security and stability. You may feel a sense of security and emotional stability but also a need to hang on to what you have and what you know. That is what seems to be safe and secure. Your energies may stagnate with this and there will be much resistance to change. After stress and strife this can be comforting but too much time like this may result in you being too set in your ways and overcautious:

Keywords: stability and restricting security.

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