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The Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles The number 2 represents the relationship or interaction between two entities. It can be one of harmony and balance or one of conflict. It is a balance of energy involving change and adjustment. The suit of Pentacles is the element earth – the practical real world. Balance and juggling in relation to money, jobs and finance in general can be indicated. Sometimes this card turns up when you have several jobs on the go but are struggling financially and trying to make changes to fix the situation. A practical and sensible outlook will make every day affairs run more smoothly. It can show changes in the way that you earn money and how you handle it so there is an element of juggling what you have to stay stable and to make ends meet. Sometimes unfortunately this card signifies a division of resources such as with divorce proceedings and property settlement. Keywords Practical ability, adaptability, change, transition in finances.

Have a great day.

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