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The 7 of Swords

Good morning everyone. Today it’s the 7 of Swords. Not the best to start the week with.

The Seven of Swords The seven is a number of seeking wisdom and knowledge. It is often associated with the supernatural, fate and mystical powers. The 7 is a number of analysis, investigation, options, choices, insight.

In the suit of Swords In the intellectual air quality of the this suit the number 7 signifies intelligence, planning, foresight and sometimes cunning. If this card turns up you may have a chance of using intelligence to deal with a problem. Especially one involving a strong opponent in a clever, skilful, tactful way. You will be able to use caution and planning to avoid confrontation. You have an ability to anticipate their next move and the conflict is avoided. A very clever change of tactic is called for. In some circumstances this is a card warning of deception and the possibility of someone plotting against you or making plans behind your back which will adversely affect you. Caution is needed in who you trust and absolute integrity is a must. Yes this is a very difficult energy to express in a positive way. Dont forget to look over you shoulder to see who is watching.

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