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The Six of Swords

The Six of Swords The number 6 is all about harmony, balance, a rest after a degree of success, balance, justice or rewards. The Six of Swords The 6 here modifies the struggle and suffering of the swords. It indicates a move away from difficulties and the strife of the past. In a reading this often signifies better times ahead for family and children after a period of struggle and stress. However being the suit of swords it’s like a temporary or partial alleviation from problems. Not all is rosy. It generally indicates an improvement in a situation and circumstances and an ending to sorrow and distress. It can sometimes represent a physical move, new home or journey of some sort as the imagery of the card suggests movement and change and gradual improvement. It is a slow journey into calmer waters Keywords: gradual improvement. Movement to better circumstances. Have a happy Friday!

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