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The Ace of Cups

The Suits of the Minor Arcana. Good morning everyone. We will be working our way through the suits of the minor Arcana now. The Minor Arcana cards represent everyday events in the physical world. They represent our input, actions and influence in circumstances compared with the Major Arcana cards which mostly represent the universe’s hand in our lives and the spiritual lessons and growth we are required to undergo. The more Major Arcana cards in a spread the greater the forces of fate and destiny at that time propelling you in a certain direction or compelling you to learn particular lessons or achieve some form of spiritual growth.

Let’s start with the Aces and the Suit of Cups.

Aces in The Tarot:

The Aces stand for unity and undivided energy of the suit. The Aces are number 1s – the beginning of the expression of the energy of the suit. Undivided power and character of the element it is associated with. Wands represent Fire, Cups Water, Swords Air and Pentacles Earth. As they are the first cards of the suit they also represent the beginnings of things, new projects, new ideas.

Now we will look at the Ace of Cups

Cups is associated with the Element Water and with emotion, love, sensitivity, intuition, compassion, artistic inspiration and the subconscious.

The Ace of Cups in a spread is a great indicator for personal relationships. It stands for love, joy, happiness, peace and contentment. It is the beginning of feelings that can blossom into fulfilment. It may indicate marriage, birth of a child or a new romance. It can also indicate the development of artistic or psychic talents.

Keywords: Emotion, love, psychic powers.

Have a great day!

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