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The Devil Card No 15

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at another card that tends to terrify people. The Devil Card 15/6. Just remember that the god depicted here is the Greek God Pan - the god of nature, lust and earthly pleasure.

The God Pan was a shepherd - half man and half goat. Pan was deliberately demonised as Christianity spread throughout Europe. After the Council of Nicea made the Nicene Creed in 325 the Roman Catholic Church was established. Christian ministers and leaders felt the threat of this god that those working on the land who worshipped Pan and other dieties and so they began transforming Pan from a benign nature god to The Devil, the great Adversary.

Now getting back to our Tarot Card of the Devil:

The reversed pentogram is often featured on this card. The correct interpretation of this is the subordination of spirit and the higher functions of the mind (the highest point being inverted) under the four elements. This leads to a materialistic, physical and sensual focus. In addition to this usually two figures are seen bound to each other and are subordinate to the devil. These represent bonds that are hard to break or old habits, our desires or material ambitions that keep us stuck where we are - essentially ruled by our passions and bonds. Note however the chains around their necks are loose and can easily be removed. Anger and resentment is often experienced by the client when this card shows up. It is all about issues of commitment and responsibility (note the number 6) and the strong bonds we form whether they are favourable or not. This number influence reminds us to take responsibility for our part in a situation but not to be burdened by inappropriate guilt that can keep us feeling trapped. In the extreme negative it can mean domination by a partner or obsession with material gain and physical pleasures and excesses. This card can be a warning to avoid a situation which may be difficult to get out of. You may need to be particularly careful in personal and business matters. Whatever the situation it shows a subjective viewpoint. If you or your client are feeling stuck or trapped then there may be practical ways out of the difficult situation or options not yet explored.

The Fool here now experiences the seductiveness of the material world, through ignorance he doesnt realise his potential to break free of his own will.

Keywords oppression, materialism, desires.

In the reversed it means much the same but the frustration and oppression felt may have been there for a lot longer and action must now be taken. Sometimes it shows that the person has already started to take action to take more control in their lives. Keywords - intolerable situation, escape in the making.

If you draw the Devil card today – face up to your true desires and ambitions. Take responsibility for where you are in life. If you feel stuck you can free yourself from the situation by your own free will. Explore your options. Follow your desires and embrace your tree feelings. There may be a way out if you do want to be free. Sorry this is along one today but worth the explanation I think Have a great day! 🦉🦉🦉🙏♥️

The Devil Card No 15

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