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The High Priestess Card 2

Happy Friday Everyone.

We are looking at the High Priestess today: the number 2 in the Major Arcana and depicts the balance between the masculine energy of the sun and the receptive energy of the Moon. There are many ways of interpreting this duality but the High Priestess represents the feminine principle, intuition and influences from the unseen world of the subconscious.

The High Priestess No 2

The High Priestess is also called The Papess or Female Pope. She is associated with the feminine principle, the unconscious, the underworld, mystery, dreams, unconscious mind and intuition as apposed to the conscious mind. In a spread this card represents guidance, teaching and wisdom from a hidden source. It can also represent undeveloped potential and psychic energy and occult powers. If you look at the image she is holding the scroll or manuscript from which wisdom is revealed. Also note the two contrasting pillars. The dark representing the unconscious feminine energy and the white pillar, the conscious energy. The B stands for Boaz or denial, something hidden and J is for Jachin meaning beginning. Note that the word Tora on the scrool is related to the wisdom of Tarot (in Jewish). Boaz and Jachin were two copper, brass or bronze pillars which stood on the porch of Solomon's Temple, the first Temple in Jerusalem The number two is apt here depicting the balance of these forces and the flow of energy between both. You can also see the seeds of the pomegranates implying potential yet to come. She represents our potential waiting to be developed. Keywords: Intuition, dreams, anima. Reversed: When reversed this card suggests guidance or warnings from one’s intuition are being ignored or that one’s potential is not being recognised. It can also indicate negative feelings towards women or a reluctance to accept any information from the unconscious. Keywords: suppressed feelings, unrecognised potential. Have a great day. If you choose this card your insight and intuition is awakening. Trust your instincts and look for the signs and messages from the universe.🦉🦉🦉🙏♥️

The High Priestess Card 2 -

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