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The Magician No 1 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at The Magician No 1 in the Major Arcana.

Old versions of this card tend to show the Magician as selling trinkets from a stall. This image sees him with one hand raised drawing energy from a higher power and then directing this energy down into practical affairs of the real world with the other. The 4 elements are represented here showing resourcefulness and mastery and an ability to manipulate these elements. Any spiritual journey involves mastery of the physical first. The magician needs to be the centre of attention. He is the No 1 – a leader with the ability to make others listen. In a reading this could be someone with mastery of language, persuasive abilities and the art of selling and influencing others. It means that you or your client are confident, skilful, articulate and that you have the ability to effectively direct your energy, creativity and imagination into practical matters. Independence of thought and willpower is also shown. This person may be charming and influential and an excellent communicator. In a reading the Magician shows that now is the time to make use of your skills and to put your capabilities into practice.

Keywords: Skills, confidence, communication.


A lack of confidence is indicated and difficulty in putting ideas into practice. There may have been a breakdown in communication or some sort of miscommunication or an unwillingness or inability to talk about something important. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability but that there has been some block to this expression.

Occasionally it can point to a misuse of these skills where the ability to manipulate the elements and to persuade others becomes cunning and deception with language used to deceive. Emotional blackmail can be indicated.

Keywords: Lack of confidence and bad communication.

Dont forget to have a look at your personality Card and Soul Card in the Tarot. This will give you some insight into your personality traits and will make a lot of sense when you find out what it is.

Have a great day!

If you choose the Magician as your card for the day then today is the day to speak up. You will be heard. Today you can achieve a lot by the power of your words and ability to influence others. Go for it!


The Magician 1 -

The Magician influence - Major Arcana

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