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Birth Path 8

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. We are on to the Birth Path or Path of Life number 8. This one is for the ambitious, determined, dedicated types we know who still believe in justice, fairness and reward for effort.

Achievement is the keyword here. Success comes through knowledge, financial effort and determination. There must be a balance between material and spiritual pursuits. This is when you will be rewarded. Be prepared to lead, not follow and be careful how you make and manage money – keep your integrity and honesty. You will success in your own business, managing or supervising. Positions of power may be achieved in education, finance, shipping, buying, selling, consulting, transportation or charity on a large scale. You have great executive ability and organisational skills. The 8s have a very strong sense of justice and a strong desire to achieve. They are driven, determined and ambitious. 8s never take anything for granted and do not expect anything for nothing. 8s are prepared to work hard for their rewards. Their expression number will determine what area of work they will lean towards. For example an expression number of a 3 for example may result in a career of interior design, art or some other creative endeavour probably in their own business. An expression number of a 6 will most likely see this play out in the health, healing, nursing or some other service oriented industry to do with the care or welfare of others.

Have a great day everyone. Time to get back in to work for most of us. 😊🦉🦉❤️❤️🙏

Birth Path 8 -

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