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5 or 10 card Horseshoe Spread

Good morning everyone. We are continuing on with the relationship issue for this lady. We are now looking at the timing over the next 12 months.

For the purpose of keeping it simple we will use the 5 card version but you can gain more information with two cards in each position.

The first card represents the energy around her right now.

The Nine of Swords indicates a lot of anxiety and worry about entering into another relationship. These fears are unfounded as the Nine of Swords depicts getting things out of perspective and excessive concerns and worries.

The Two of cups in the position of Obstacles indicates that a new relationship could be considered more of a problem or headache than something good and that relationships have been difficult in the past. At the very least there have been difficulties and obstacles to relationships in the past which have resulted in more cautious approach now. It could also mean that there have been outside influences that have made relationships difficult in the past and that this lady may anticipate more of the same and so there is some negativity about the consequences of being in a relationship.

The 3 of Wands in the area of the unexpected means that there are many new friendships coming her way and associations with enthusiastic, positive groups (picking up on the energy of the wands). The 3 here implies socialising, friends and associations with people with similar interests and ideas.

The 5 of Wands in the period of 1 -3 months indicates a very busy time ahead with hassles, squabbles, time wasting and wasted energy trying to get things done. It’s a hectic time where there is not much progress in the relationship side of life.

The Two of Pentacles in the position of 6 to 12 months time shows a focus on achieving balance in life and in dealing with financial pressures. It is an indicator that life is a juggling act and that there will be time and money constraints but with care a more balanced life is possible where there is more time to enjoy the benefits of being with someone special. To obtain additional clarification on the issue of whether this a good time for a new relationship I selected another card. Th Ace of Wards presented which adds to the information saying it is time to make a new start in life. This is renewed energy and new beginnings. It will be time more from the 6 months period. Aces do mean new starts but the issue of a new relationship follows more in line with a new life and new lifestyle and the new relationship being more a result of that shift or change.

If you dont already have a spread for timing give this one a try. Have a great day! 😊♥️🦉

Timing - The Horseshoe Spread

5 card horseshoe spread -


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