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What is a Significator in the Tarot?

Good morning everyone. Being Its Monday - yay not. Anyway I tried to post on The Death Card and my internet stopped working and I lost the post. So I will take the hint and start the week with something else. Hence why I am late posting today. Took me a while to sort out the internet! Today I thought I would focus on choosing a significator when doing Tarot Spreads.

What is a significator?

A significator is a card that is consciously chosen to represent the client (or a person they are asking about). Some standard spreads may require a significator, but they really are optional. There are many methods for choosing them. It can be any of the 78 cards, either major arcana or minor arcana, although most of the time a court card corresponding to the client's sun sign or personality works well e.g. a king, queen, knight or page or one of the major arcana. Sometimes I might select the client’s Personality Card in the Tarot (mentioned in previous posts). In my experience it has great value in helping you to focus your energies on the person in question and if you are choosing a court card it doesnt have to relate to their star/sun sign. For example the person may be a Taurus but my experience of them is that they are confident and fiery then I would choose the Queen or King of Wands rather than the King or Queen of Pentacles - associated with the earth signs. If a particular card turns up in a reading representing a partner for example and the client wanted to focus on the outcome of a relationship then I would use that card as the centre of the next spread. I often use the significator and place this card in the centre unrelated to the positions in the spread. It just helps me to focus my attention on the person in question. Choosing a significator is particularly helpful when doing a reading remotely - on the phone or by email. It will just help you to tune in to their energies and to focus on them.

Think about a close friend and their star sign. Do they fit with their matching court card or would you choose something else to fit their personality?

Have a great day. We will look at the Death Card tomorrow


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