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Ten of Pentacles

Good morning everyone. Its the 10 of Pentacles today - the final expression of the practical energy of the physical world - money, finance, security.

The Ten of Pentacles

Ten is the base of our number system and 10 reduces back to 1. Ten can therefore represent the start of a new phase with the strength of the zero behind it. In some respects it is the overdo of the energy of the suit it is in. That is going past the point of completion leading to the idea of one too many, decadence or destruction. The number 10 can also signify groups of people in the tarot.

In the suit of Pentacles the group usually indicated is the family. This card stands for close nit family support either emotional or financial. In general it can be any supportive group of people which provides help, security and advice but you also have responsibilities being part of that family or group. This card also shows the influence of one’s background and upbringing on our present attitudes, values and behaviour or way of life.

Sometimes this is a card connected with inheritance. Even in the best of circumstances generosity from inheritance can trigger family discussions and disagreements.

Keywords: family support, friends, inheritance


Harmful influences from one’s family, friends or upbringing are indicated. There can be interference in family matters from one family member or a close friend giving unwanted advice. It may also show that you or the client feel overwhelmed with family problems or the problems of a group. Your individuality may feel stifled and there may be too many responsibilities. In the reversed position there may be legal problems and conflicts relating to inheritance.


Family responsibility and problems, social responsibility.


Tomorrow we are back to the Major Arcana and the spiritual journey leading to growth in wisdom and enlightenment.

Have a great day. If you receive the 10 of Pentacles you will most likely receive financial help of some sort and will then be looking for a new challenge and direction. Contained in the 10 is always a new beginning

Ten of Pentacles -

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