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Meaning of The Eight of Pentacles

Good morning everyone We are getting somewhere and moving on to the 8 of Pentacles – achievement and rewards on the physical plane.

The 8 is the product of four and two. It contains the stability and material security of the four and the balance and movement of the number 2. It is a number of material success and justice but also has the idea of progress and advancement. It concerns the idea of establishing firm foundations, personal growth and greater success in the future.

In the suit of Pentacles the achievement and progress of the number 8 together with the practicality and material security of Pentacles signifies prosperity and satisfaction from work. There may be a requirement for skill and craftsmanship or apprenticeship. This card may also signify complete involvement in some hobby or personal project that brings you a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure. In all that you do you will feel a sense of pride and achievement from using your skills and by doing you best to achieve the best result.

Keywords: Skilled work, craftsmanship, self employment.


You may not be able to concentrate on work as you are preoccupied with the present or worrying about making money or being financially secure. There may be some wasted effort indicated. There is definitely a need to plan for the future and a feeling that you are getting no where financially or not sufficiently rewarded for your efforts. More consistent effort needed.

Keywords: Short term gain, preoccupation with finances and security, inconsistent application to work

If you encounter the 8 of Pentacles in a spread pat yourself on the back. Have pride in what you have achieved and know that you have earned every cent of it! You are good at what you do and have worked hard to achieve your level of expertise. You may be getting a promotion or pay rise soon!🦉👩‍🏭🛠️🌻🙏

Have a great day! ♥️

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