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Meaning of The Six of Pentacles

Good morning everyone. Today its the 6 of Pentacles - acts of kindness and generosity.

The Six of Pentacles

The Sixes represent harmony, balance, equilibrium, home, family and responsibility and are also concerned with justice and rewards.

Six of Pentacles or Coins

Balance and justice in relation to money and security are signified. The sharing out of money and generosity may be indicated. It generally means that you or your client are generous and that you like to help others and to show affection. You are happy to give of yourself to others less fortunate as you see it as the right thing to do. The scales of Justice in the picture do suggest an element of karma and maybe repaying a kindness or help given to you. Generally I have found this card signifies that you are supporting or helping another financially, often family and giving without expecting anything in return. Alternatively, the client or the person you are reading for may be the one receiving this generosity. Other cards in the spread will indicate which way to interpret this card. Either way the scales of justice in the image suggest that this is the fair course of action.

Keywords: Gift, generosity, return of karma


You or the client may feel cheated or that something has been stolen. You may feel that you are doing all the giving and the situation seems unfair and that you are unappreciated. Theft, loss of money or possessions due to carelessness or gullibility can be indicated.

If you select this card for the day have faith in people, give thanks for your gifts from the universe, help where you can and be kind to each other. You may remember when you were struggling and someone helped you out. It may be your turn or you may now need help and that help is coming your way. 🦉♥️🌻🙏

6 of Pentacles -

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