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Meaning of The Four of Pentacles

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the 4 of Pentacles - stability, security and resistance to change.

Four of Pentacles

Four is the number of the material world which is composed of four elements and four dimensions. It is a stabilising, calming influence focused on security and stability and tends to pause the action in all suits.

In the suit of Pentacles

As this suit is already concerned with stability and security it results in extreme resistance to change and stability and an emphasis on material security. It is an unchanging, unyielding energy. You will experience a strong sense of security and stability and a sense of satisfaction but if this continues for too long a time and becomes a way of life you may feel bored with the routine and may grow overcautious and stifled afraid to make any change but also bored and miserly. Best advice get out of your own way. There is more to life than existing – you need to be in it and experience all that is on offer so face your fear. If this card turns up in a relationship there may be elements of control and a fear of change, worrying that you may lose your partner or too scared to take a risk to get involved in the first place. There is an old saying -" If you love someone then set them free. If they come back they are yours if they don’t – then they never were” or something like that. In my experience this card does actually relate more to feelings and fear of getting hurt. It’s the hanging on to what you know rather than taking a risk type of energy. Of course it can relate to money matters and a cautious nature there regarding investment and spending and a sense of satisfaction with what you have achieved on your own and what you have.

Keywords: Stability, security, lack of adventure, over focus on material security.

Reversed. This can be the card of the miser. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are wealthy just that you are clinging on to what you have for fear of losing it. This can apply to a relationship, job or material possessions. Fear may be holding you back to maintain a bad situation as you are worried that if you change anything you may make it worse. This nervous and defensive attitude can make you feel more insecure.

Keywords: possessiveness, miserliness.

Have a great day everyone. If you select this card for the day - cautious is find but look at what can be gained from moving forward rather than just what you have by staying still 🦉🦉🙏♥️

Four of Pentacles -

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