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Meaning of the Ace of Swords

Good morning everyone. Today will be a big change from the blissful world of Cups. We are focusing in the Suit of Swords.

The Suit of Swords – Element Air

The element air and the suit of swords is all about the thought processes. The intellectual, logical processes of the mind. It is a positive polarity or outward bound energy. The energy of swords is devoid of emotion but in that action hurt, conflict and difficult often arises from the decision and actions taken without accounting for the very human side of emotional sensitivity. So this suit is often associated with conflicts, adversity, decisions and logical thinking.

Just to recap on the Aces

The Ace is the singular undivided energy of the suit. The Ace is number 1 – the beginning, new plans, new feelings. The beginning of feelings, actions thoughts or plans.

The Ace of Swords:

This Ace is associated with the rational faculties and the intellect. It is also the suit most associated with destruction, power, conflict. You can think of swords as a cutting tool. When we a rational we tend to divide things up into sections and analyse them when we make judgements and responsible decisions. It can also be compared to the sword of justice in legal matters indicating a fair outcome in a court case. More generally there is a decision or situation that requires cool intellect and action.

Key words: Intellect, reason and justice


This can represent the misuse of power, possibly injustice, cruelty and clashes with authority and legal problems. You may be trying to solve problems without considering emotional consequences. You may feel something unfair is happening which makes you angry and powerless. If there is a court case it may not end favourably.

Keywords: Cruelty and injustice.

Have a great day. Be strong and deal with those tough decisions and situations - put your emotions aside and look at the facts and take action- that is the energy of the Ace of Swords.🦉🌻🙂

Ace of Swords -

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