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10 of Cups

Good morning everyone happy, happy Wednesday - the theme here is happiness and sunshine in life as we focus on the 10 of Cups

Number 10 The 10 is 1 + 0 and reduces back to the 1 so the ten contains the seed of a new beginning at a higher level with the power of the 0 behind it. Ten is thought to be a number of completion but can also be the “overdo” or extreme energy of the suit it is in – one too many, decadence or destruction. The number ten can also be associated with a number of people or groups.

The Ten of Cups Ten of Cups is about emotions and personal relationships. Happiness, contentment and fulfilment in family life and friends is indicated. There are a number of people in this happy situation such as family or close friends. The number 10 here can also indicate over idealising family life and that things may not be as perfect as you think. Keywords: Fulfilment, joy and happy family life, idealised perfect life. Reversed: An annoying, disruptive event or behaviour of a particular individual in your life may upset your happy family or friends or special occasion. The perfect situation you feel you have may not be so perfect. Perhaps you are too idealistic and there is something you are missing. Maybe there is one person who is unhappy and dissatisfied. There may be awkwardness between you. Keywords: Disrupted happiness, disgruntled individual.

When you see the 10 of Cups you may really feel that life is perfect and you are completely happy at that time and that is true but you may also be a little too idealistic and there could be little issues that are bubbling under the surface. There is real joy, love and happiness here worth celebrating. Remember this feeling of the perfect moment in time but the over emotional exuberance of the Cups says just to rein it in a little – note all the wonderful constant things in your life that have led you to this point - you may have a wonderful partner, beautiful home and the perfect job – celebrate but just be aware that the world is not that perfect and that there will always be challenges in the real world to maintain that state of bliss. If this card turns up in the position of the future this is a great indication of happiness in a relationship and a great home and family life just make sure you do keep your expectations realistic. The Cups in the formation of a rainbow in the sky are there for a reason to remind you to keep your feelings grounded in reality. Have a great day. Wishing love, light and happiness always! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

10 of Cups

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