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Meaning of The Nine of Cups

Good morning everyone. Today we are getting back to the Suit of Cups - element water - emotion, feelings, sensitivity.

The number we are up to is 9

The Nines –are the last of the single digits. Nine represents a completion or final stage of something. Nine is the product of 3 x 3 so it contains the creativity of the 3, signifying attainment of the products of this creativity – the result of benefiting from previous experience.

In the suit of Cups The 9 in the suit of Cups expands feelings of happiness, contentment and generosity of heart. Having achieved the sense of inner well being the generosity of the nine wants to share this with others and spread the joy and optimism. If the nine of Cups turns up in a spread a caring attitude is indicated with generality, love friendship and comfort. There is much to be enjoyed with the companionship of family and friends. This is a sign of happy times and contentment and is particularly favourable if it is in a position relating to a future outcome or direction.

Key Words: Happiness, optimism, hospitality, satisfaction

Reversed: This is an overdo of this energy leading to indulgence, complacency and a degree of decadence. You may feel safe, secure and satisfied but all may not be as "rosey" as it seems.

You may not be as genuinely popular as you feel. There is too much trust of others and not enough awareness of their motives. You may also need to look more closely at personal relationships as there may be problems you have been ignoring as you are inclined to overlook due to overconfidence or over optimism.

Key words: Complacency, superficiality.

Today might be a good day to take stock of all the good things in your life. On balance are you happy and satisfied? How do you feel about what you have achieved? Do you feel a healthy sense of self worth? Do you feel loved and appreciated? If you answer yes then that is the feeling associated with the nine of Cups. We can all want more but this is a card of having the good life and owning it.

Have a great day!♥️🌻🙏

Nine of Cups -

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