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Numerology Beyonce

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday.

Before I get back to the 9 of Cups I thought I would have a look at another amazingly talented celebrity with a birthday this month - Beyonce. Although the 9 of Cups would fit her quite well - having it all - happiness and contentment with life ..but more about that later.


Full Name Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter DOB 4th September 1981

Beyonce is a powerful character both her Expression number and birth path are 5s and she has a huge number of 5s in her name – 9 in fact. Beyonce is innovative, adaptable, versatile, changeable and inspirational. She has the ability to recreate herself to have a dynamic, energetic and innovative style. The ordinary routine is not for her at all. In addition to this, as you would expect she has a very high score of 3s – 5 in fact. Her creativity and artistic flair is apparent in all that she does; being a gifted, singer, songwriter, dancer and performer -all ways of creative and artistic expression. She truly utilises all the gifts the universe has given her.

When we look at her Ultimate Goal Number it is a number 1. She is meant to be in the limelight – to be a leader in her field, original, dynamic and at the centre of attention. Her motivating force is also a number 1 assisting to propel her to success and being in the public eye. This is what she wants and she is right where she is meant to be.

Her karmic lessons are the number 8 and number 4. So issues concerning how she manages her wealth and her stability and security will be a challenge for her despite having plenty of assets and a net worth of $355 million. She needs to be careful who she trusts and fair and just in all that she does. Thankfully for her there are no karmic lessons relating to 2s and 6s so she is responsible, caring, dependable and good at balancing things in her life including relationships. The only issue for her is the high score of 2s which tends to make her quite emotional with a tendency to give a little too much in relationships.

This year she is in a 6 Personal year. I think the last year would have seen her travelling a lot and trying new things, being on the road with her family. However this year she is looking to put down some roots and to spend more time at home. She may buy another home or be focusing on home and family more intently than ever before especially with her little twins. It’s all about family this year for Beyonce.

Have a great day! 🙂♥️🌻.

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