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Meaning of the 7 of Cups

Good morning everyone. Today we are having a look at the 7 of Cups and all aspects of the options it presents.

The 7 is often considered a magical number and is associated with wisdom, supernatural powers. The 7 is an analytical number. An energy of searching for truth, perfection and detail. The 7 is a number of options and instability following the rest of the six.

The Seven of Cups

The imaginative and psychic power of the number 7 when applied to the suit of cups results in imagination, psychic powers and influences of the subconscious. They are great gifts but in the suit of Cups they may be carried away without the stabilising influence of the elements of earth's practicality or reason (air). In this card you are looking at options, ideas and fantasies relating to dreams and wishes. It is necessary to make some choices between options by weighing up what is worthwhile or has potential. All may be tempting but some perhaps are not realistic and just worthy of daydreams. Care must be taken as all options are tempting.

Key words: Fantasy, illusion and choice


You may be overwhelmed by options and possibilities for the future and unable to make a decision. It is easier to fantasise about the options than to deal with reality and make a decision. The danger is that you are suffering from delusion and that none of the options you think you have are actually reasonable or realistic choices. A more rational and practical approach is required.

Maybe today is the day to think about what options you have ahead and what will bring you happiness. What are your dreams and aspirations. Are they achievable and realistic? Maybe you haven't found what you are looking for yet. Have a great day🦉🤔♥️

7 of Cups -

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