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Numerology Oprah Winfrey

Good morning everyone. Today I thought we would have a little break from the cards and have a look at another personality - Oprah Winfrey - an amazing lady.

Oprah Winfrey

Born: 29th January 1954

Oprah Gail Winfrey

Ever wondered why she is so successful? Let me tell you she is a complicated woman and extremely astute and intelligent. Her birth path is a 13/4. Nothing special there except it is karmic meaning she has had to work especially hard to achieve anything in this life (having handled this energy poorly in a previous incarnation). One of her lessons this life is to handle money better and to work hard, avoiding laziness and complacency – well I think she has addressed that one. Usually people with this karmic birth path are born into difficult circumstances. Nothing is given freely to them – all that they achieve is by personal effort, hard work and dedication. She also has a lower than average score of 1s – connected with confidence and self esteem. We see this also with a lot of political leaders. Where they fight for independence and leadership from a young age as they seek confidence and approval.

The outstanding thing that I notice about Oprah is that her Expression Number is a 7 and she has an extremely high score of 7s in her intensification chart. She is a seeker of knowledge, truth and justice and wisdom. Her highest score is on the intuitive plane including four 9s which is extremely high.

She has known when to act and take advantage of opportunities that have come her way and has trusted her intuition. She also has a high score of 6s which means she has a strong social conscience, is caring, responsible and wants to do good and help others. Pretty basic but a powerful combination. Not surprisingly she doesn’t have 8 as a karmic lesson but does have no 2s which means relationships and balance in relationships is a big issue for her and a karmic lesson this lifetimes. She shares this karmic lesson with a lot of us.

Just to recap how to work out your own birthpath

Its your numbers of your birthdate added up and reduced.

For example: 28.12.1962 = 28/10/1 + 3 + 18/9 = 13/4 another karmic lesson. The 13/4, 14/5 and 16/7 all have special lessons as well as the gifts an abilities that the lower vibration gives you.

A quick recount:

1s - leadership

2s - negotiators

3s - communicators

4s - hard workers

5s - adaptable

6s - responsible

7s - analytical

8s - powerful

9s - compassionate. There are many other keywords that are relevant for each one. I have covered these in previous posts and we will have a look at each in greater detail later on. Tomorrow - the 7 of Cups - choices and options.

For now - ask yourself does your work fit your birthpath. Are you on the right track?

Have a great day! 🦉♥️😊

Numerology Oprah Winfrey -

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