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Meaning of the 6 of Cups

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Today it is the 6 of Cups we are looking at. 6 is a calming influence in all the suits and a rest after much activity of the 5s.

Number 6 in the Suits

Harmony, balance and peace is indicated with the 6s. It is also the number of home and family, responsibility and commitment. The number 6 has an association with the Bible in that the world was said to be created in six days so it has a relationship with effort resulting in success followed by a rest.

In the receptive, passive suit of Cups it manifests as memory and reflection on the past - forgiveness, reconciliation, home, family and relationships with siblings. It is peace from the turmoil or emotions of the past and can mean rewards following acts of kindness. It can indicate reunion with family members and a healing from family strife. In general terms there is reminiscing about happy memories of the past. Sometimes it can indicate the return of an old lover or partner or friend who turns up in your life unexpectedly to return a past kindness or to help you in a time of need.

keywords:Happy memories, old friends, childhood, family reunion

Reversed: When this card turns up reversed you may be spending too much time dwelling on the happy memories in the past at the expense of enjoying the present. Conversely it can also mean dwelling on unhappy memories which prevent you from moving forward in your life in the present. Either way dwelling on the past of a relationship or situation that may have ended will prevent you from moving forward emotionally and being open to new experiences.

Reversed: nostalgia, unhappy memories, living in the past

If you find yourself reflecting too much on the past try to keep some perspective on the good times but also look at what you can do to have those happy experiences in the present. Maybe you can call or visit that old friend or family member you have been thinking about?🦉🙂♥️

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