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Meaning of the 5 of Cups

Happy Friday everyone. Today we are looking at the 5 of Cups - not so happy unfortunately but not disastrous either.

The Fives in the Tarot

The stability of the number four is disrupted by adding one to it. Five is the number of change, movement, adaptability but also instability and struggle. The meanings of the fives often relate to struggle, conflict, disappointment and problems in general.

Five of Cups -remember Cup is the element water – emotion, feelings, relationships.

The disruptive influence of the five together with the emotion of the Cups leads to feelings of partial loss and disappointment. You may be dwelling on what has been lost in a situation instead of what remains that is valuable and good. You may be miserable and depressed and feeling that things are worse than they actually are. Happiness has been upset and there is a tendency to dwell on the past and what has been lost instead of focussing on what is left to work on. You may still be able to salvage something from a difficult situation.

Keywords; partial loss, disappointment.

Reversed: There has been a genuine loss that you may be struggling with sadness and distress. Something valuable has been lost from your life leaving you with grief, regret and remorse. The sorrow will pass with time and the feelings of grief will subside. You are spending a lot of time dwelling on the past.

. Keywords: loss, remorse, sadness.

Do you know someone who has had great difficulty in a relationship who is too focused on the past and what has been lost? That is the five of Cups energy. Remind them of the good that remains. If they can rebuild from this there can be a positive outcome. 5 of Cups is a turning point where something can be salvaged from a difficult situation. A lot depends on effort from both parties and an ability to look forward to the future. Sometimes, sadly there can be no recovery, the damage is too much but this card is not the point of no return..There is hope.🦉♥️

5 of Cups -

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