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The Ten of Wands

Good morning everyone! Its Friday.

Today we are looking at the 10 of Wands. Do you sometimes feel that you are at breaking point with all your commitments and responsibilities. If you are a proactive kind of person and keep saying "yes" - then this can be the result. You run out of hours in the day and days in the week to get everything done. Your back may actually ache! That is the 10 of Wands in action.

The Tens in the Tarot Ten represents the beginning of a new stage of development. The Ten can be the final stage or completion but more often than not it is the extreme expression of the energy of the suit and is sometimes an overdo. It is the idea of one too many, destruction and decadence as it has the power of a zero behind it but contained in the 10 is the promise of a new beginning as the 10 reduces back to a 1. The number 10 can also signify or suggest a group of people contributing to the overuse of the energy of this suit.

Ten of Wands The suit of wands with its association with business plans, enterprise, initiative and action etc will result in extreme activity and overcommitments – having too many projects on the go at the one time and too many responsibilities creating a sense of burden. The result is a need to delegate and get rid of some of those pressures. Keywords: heavy burdens of responsibility and over commitments. Reversed: This is much the same as the upright interpretation only the burdens and commitments are very detrimental. There is confusion, exhaustion and anxiety resulting from overcommitments This can result in actually poor performance and lack of completion of project and wasted energy as resources are spread too thinly. There is a need to prioritise, give up some commitments and to refocus on priorities. There is also a need to learn to delegate. Keywords – overwork, burdens and too many responsibilities.

What can I say - its Friday and for most of us its a break from all those responsibilities and jobs. If you get the 10 of Wands in a spread - ask for help, delegate, rethink and reprioritise and break things down into smaller steps. Have a great weekend and rest up!🦉😀♥️

Ten of Wands -

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