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Aretha Franklin Expression No 3 Birth Path 8

I thought we would take a moment to reflect on the recent passing of another gifted soul in the music industry - Aretha Franklin. So many were saddened to to hear of the loss of one of music’s legendary greats who passed away a few days ago. She was often called the Queen of Soul.

Born: Aretha Louise Franklin 25.3.1942

She had a beautiful voice and great sensitivity that she expressed through her music. Not surprisingly her Expression Number was a 3 – creative and expressive and her Birth Path an 8. From humble beginnings she was destined for fame through hard work and perseverance. She also was blessed with a high number of 3s in her name enhancing her creative energies, a high score of 1s giving her confidence to stand out in a crowd and to be a leader with originality and character in her field. She also had a high score of 2s giving her emotion, sensitivity, compassion and a loving nature. Rest in peace Aretha. You were only on loan to this life. Have a safe journey home.

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