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The Meaning of Two of Wands in Tarot

Good morning everyone. Number 2s today- partnerships, negotiation balance.

The Twos The twos represent the relationship and interaction between two things, people or principles. It can be harmony and balance or conflict, duality and reflection. Balance, cooperation, negotiation and harmony are all elements of the number two. Partnership and co-operation is the key to the number 2 energy.

Two of Wands - FIRE A decision needs to be made about what to do next. There has been partial success or the completion of initial plans. Don’t forget Wands are connected with business, career, ambition and creative energy so this card may indicate a need for decisions. There may be inner conflict about what lies ahead and difficulty deciding which way to go. Look at the image. He is looking out on the horizon contemplating what to do. He also has the world in his hand - literally. All things are possible. Its a time to plan, consider and decide. He may have achieved quite a lot but now needs to expand. The image suggestions expansion on the way as he looks out over the expanse of the landscape ahead. Partnerships and a meeting of minds will enhance projects and lead to success. Joint projects and business partnerships are indicated. Sometimes this can relate to plans you may make with a friend such as plans to travel or activities together as opposed to romantic attachments indicated in the suit of cups.

Keyword: decision, success, planning with others, inner conflict.

Have a great day. The two of wands indicates business, finance, working with others and decisions. Think about this as we head into the work week. Have a good day! 🦉🙂♥️

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