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Elvis Presley Expression Number 8

Good morning everyone. Early start for me today. We are going to have a look at Elvis Presley's Expression number and Inclusion chart today i.e. frequency of numbers in his name.

Elvis Aron Presley Expression Number 8 Total Name Total or Destiny No: First name 13/4 + Second name12/3 + Last name 10/1 = 8

Number of each letter in Total Name:

1 = 3 High 2 = 0 Karmic 3 = 2 Medium 4 = 1 5 = 4 6 = 1 7 = 2 8 = 0 Karmic 9 = 3 High

Ruling Passion: 1,9 Karmic Lessons: 2,8

Elvis was also a number 8 and had that charisma and charm as 8s often do and like Michael Jackson he also achieved a great deal in a big way and was seen as a powerful figure. He was dedicated, determined, ambitious and driven. Success came to him in very early on. However, he does differ from Michael in some ways.

Firstly, he had quite a high score on the spiritual plane with a good score of 7s and high score of 9s. A lot of his early music was gospel in style and he was brought up in a very Christian family. That is not to say that Michael was not spiritual its just that the influence of this energy was a bit more obvious in his personality for others to see.

High Score of 1s: As you would expect Elvis loved to be in the limelight and was adored by his fans. He was a great performer and leader in the music industry in his time.

Karmic Lessons are situations and experiences that we have failed to meet and cope with or that we have met and misused in past lifetimes. Each soul must learn all the lessons. Until we do certain situations or circumstances will repeat to give us the opportunity to learn these lessons. Once the lesson is learned, circumstances become easier and life becomes more fulfilling and happier. Elvis had a few but Michael Jackson in theory was an older soul with no karmic lessons. However excesses of numbers present their own problems also so no one gets a free ride in life!

No 2s Indicates a lack of patience, co-operation, diplomacy and understanding. Detail may be overlooked. Throughout life the person will feel their patience and understanding is constantly tested and that they achieve better results through kindness and sensitivity to other's needs. There may be tendency to accumulate things and to become a doormat. Their must be a balance. This may seem strange but Elvis trusted the wrong people with his finances and struggled to achieve happiness in his marriage and relationships.

No 8s Indicate there has been a lack of balance between the material and the physical plane in life. Efficiency, attention to financial dealings, good judgement and fairness is essential to learn this lesson. Power struggles may arise in business requiring diplomacy and justice in any decisions made. The poor management of Elvis’ finances is well documented.

When we come back to the numbers in a few weeks we will look at the vowels and consonants and a few other key numbers in our name that are significant but for now tomorrow we are going to spend some time on the Tarot – starting with The Minor Arcana. Last round was a bit of a crash course. This time it will be one card at a time with both upright and reversed meanings. We will also take a look at a few simple spreads too.

Have a great day!

Elvis Presley Expression Number 8

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