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Meaning of Personal year 7

Good morning everyone. Time to contemplate the universe with a Personal Year 7 today.

PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number

Personal Year 7

Knowledge and Wisdom - time for rest, to take care of yourself, improve the mind, pursue interests particularly science, religion or occult. Its a time to study, develop talents. Quiet time is needed and much time on your own to think about plans for the future and to evaluate where you are. This is a good time to think about your goals and aims in life. It is not the time for change or expansion in business. Stay still and take stock of where you are. Learn to enjoy alone time – reading, writing, studying. You may also want to join groups for educational and philosophical experiences. Meditation, rest and quiet pursuits are the way to go. Your actions this year may be difficult for others to understand as you try to deal with your inner thoughts and analysis. If you are reasonable and think things through you should be rewarded. Health is a priority at this time as you need the stillness to feel balanced and to restore your health. This is a time of growth in knowledge and wisdom. Use it wisely to study, learn, investigate and research your interests and the mysteries of the world. You may be richly rewarded in the next year for this personal growth.

Have a great day!

Personal year 7 -

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