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Birth Path 5

Today we are looking at those of us with a birth path of a 5- the freedom lovers.

Birth Path/Career Number 5

No 5s key motivation is a desire for freedom and independence. With a birth path of a 5 you like to be free to come and go as you please without restriction and you do not like to be told what to do. You are restless and impatient, always keen for the next exciting experience but you also have a quick, versatile mind and will be very adaptable to many circumstances, thriving on change, variety, adventure and new things. Opportunities come from dealing with the public. No 5s always want to try to new things, new jobs, go new places and meet new people. You will acquire great wisdom from all the experiences you accumulate. You are best suited to jobs on the go involving working in the field, travelling or anything remote from order and routine. As a child you would be quite rebellious but also innovative and creative. Careers can also include travel agent, actors, explorers, teachers etc. The new and untried fascinates you but law, order and justice are important to you too. You are popular, dynamic and motivated, with plenty of energy. However you will need to guard against impulsiveness and excesses in your life and may need to work on being more reliable and punctual as you are easily distracted from commitments. Famous people with a 5 birth path. Angelina Jolie, Abraham Lincoln, Bette Midler, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Helen Keller, Mick Jagger, Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Jackson Browne. Have a great day!

Birth Path 5

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