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Birth Path 7 or Path of Life 7

Remember the birth path is how you function on a daily basis. Your most comfortable and natural way of being. This energy often translates into work and career options. It is different from the Expression Number which is a bit like your sun sign or Star sign and describes your personality type.The Expression Number will modify how your birth path manifests also. So if you can' t completely relate to the description of your birth path we need to look at your Expression Number. For example if your Birth Path is a 7 which is introspective, analytical, perfectionistic and your Expression number is a 1 then you are going to be much more out there, much more extroverted. You would probably aim to understand the details and dynamics of any situation and then to come up with a great strategy which you would actively pursue.

Birth Path/Career Number: 7 7s are the seekers of knowledge, wisdom and perfection. You will study, explore and gain facts about the unknown and mysteries of life. You are observing, analytical, intuitive, patient and diligent, expecting much of yourself and others. You may like to be alone and may feel misunderstood particularly when you are young. Metaphysics, science and worldly affairs may be of interest you and you may become involved in investigative or analytical work of some sort. Teaching, writing, research, engineering, medicine or accounting may be your chosen profession or any profession requiring perfection, precision and attention to detail. As a number 7 you may prefer to work alone or behind the scenes or in some way keeping your true self hidden. You are very selective with those you trust and very particular about your friendships.

Famous Number 7s include: Dr Phil, Antonio Banderas, Eric Clapton, George Bush, John F Kennedy, Joe Cocker, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson, Princess Diana, Have a great day!💜🦉

Birth Path 7 -

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