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Your Birth Path Number or Path Of Life Number

Your Birth Path Number is one of the most significant personal numbers. The other most important personal number is the Expression Number. Calculating that is a little complicated so we will come back to that one at a later time. For the moment we will start with the Birth Path Number and do one each day until we cover them all.

Significance of Your Birth Path

The Birth Path number or Path of Life number describes what skills you have been born with and what you have to work with. It’s energy often describes your career or work or how you function on a daily basis and your talents and abilities. This number is a single digit (usually) found by using your birth date. Day + Month+ Year = Birth Path

e.g 23.02. 2002

day 23 Month 02 Year 2002 Total: 2 + 0 + 2 + 7 = 11. This is a master number so we do not reduce it to a 2. However when someone is young they don’t often experience the full effect of the higher energy vibration so I would look at the interpretation for a Birth Path 2 and Birth Path 11. Sometimes adults may not be able to tap into the higher energy of a master number but they will always experience the energy of the lower vibration. Those with a master number total experience both the higher and lower energy in different degrees largely dependent on their own awareness and spiritual development.

Number 2s work best in partnership. Co-operation is their keyword. They have a strong need for companionship. They are social, peacemakers and good negotiators and always thoughtful of the needs of others. They are good with detail and can sometimes be shy and always try to be diplomatic – not upsetting those they care about. They do not cope well with confrontation and arguments in the workplace. Have a go at working out your birthpath. I will do an example each day this week that fits each of the birthpaths 1 – 9 and the master numbers 11 and 22 so stay tuned and yours will be covered soon. Also by doing this we are reviewing the general meaning of numbers which will assist you in reading The Tarot.

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