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Significance of Your Personal Year Number

The Personal Year digit is the most powerful of the personal vibrations and they run in nine year cycles. Each cycle is an opportunity to make the most of these energy changes and to improve on how you handled this cycle influence last time around. The Personal Year Number brings great opportunities for personal growth through the events we experience so understanding what is coming up for you helps to prepare you to make the most of the positive and to be aware of the potential difficulties and how to handle them. Your Path of Life is the Personal Year digit for the year you were born.

The personal year influence colours the type of events for that year and how you experience them and feel about them.

Here is how to calculate your Personal Year Number for this year.

PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number

If we take someone with a birth date of. 28.12.1944.

Universal Year for 2018 = 2 + 1 + 8 = 11/2 (do not reduce the 11 as it is a master number)

Your Personal Year Number for 2018 is 28/10/1 + 12/3 = 4 plus the UY of 11 i.e 11+ 4 = 15/6. On their birthday this year i.e. 28th December they move into a personal Year 6 which means most of 2018 they are in a Personal Year 5.

Some numerologists start the Personal year number from January each year. Which in this case would mean this person begins their Personal Year 6 on the 1st January 2018. It also means that the year they were born their birth path is a 4 (13 reduced to 4) and their personal year number for that year is also a 4. Following this on 1st January 1945 they move into a Personal year 5 having had only 4 days of experiencing the 4 energy. In my experience taking the personal year number from birthday to birthday seems to make sense as the personal energies take time to catch up with where the universal energies are. Anyway try both ways and see which way correlates with the events in your life. My birthday is at the end of the year and the birthday to birthday calculation is very accurate for me in terms of the timing of events in my life.

For this person most of 2018 is a:

Personal Year 5. Generally means Change- letting go of the past or discarding the old or useless “things” in your life. New places, new faces, travel, may move home or a change jobs. You may work more in the public eye or community, experience variety, desire for change and new experiences, restlessness. You may have some great innovative ideas.

If you calculate a 14/5 then this is a special kind of personal year which asks you to accept changes but to watch excessive reactions, actions and emotions. Beware of excesses in love, food and alcohol and of making rash decisions. Moderation and consideration is necessary in all things.

For this person:

Personal Year 6. Generally the six represents a year of much responsibility (moving into this on their birthday in December 2018) - relationships, home, family, community, service to others, weddings, children, reunions. Favours commitment and harmony in relationships. Possible domestic problems if conflicts in the past have not been addressed.

If you have noticed the person I have chosen is quite old so you need to think about how these energies may work for someone of that age. If an older person experiences the 5 it may be the time that they downsize their home or move into care. It would be a huge change for them. They may not be likely to experience the "new job" or "travel" scenario but they may take up a new interest like a "bush walking group" for example that would give them a sense of adventure and a way to meet new people.

The meanings I give you are general interpretations for that energy. You need to allow your intuition to work with a good dose of common sense too!

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