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Your Personality Card in The Tarot

This is a repeat of a previous post but I thought it would be useful for all the new people who have liked and are following my page. (a very big thank you for your support!)

The Personality Card is worked out by adding up the numbers in your date of birth as shown in the photo. The number then needs to be between 1 - 22 (the number of cards in the Major Arcana including The Fool). If it works out to be Number 22 then your Card is The Fool Card.If its larger you need to reduce it further to obtain the number between 1 and 22. The Soul card is the reduced number from the original number. Sometimes they are the same.

If we look at another example e.g someone born 23.2.2002 = 23 + 2+ 2002 --------- 2+2+7 = 11 The Justice Card (although some decks assign Strength to this card) This person will have a very strong sense of social justice and will want to help others. They will gravitate to legal interests, social welfare, psychology or allied health most likely. This is a master spiritual number and will give them the ability to make a difference to the wellbeing of others on a large scale.

The Soul Card will be the number 2 (1+1). This Card is the High Priestess. Intuition, sensitivity and psychic gifts are highly likely. As they get older they will learn to develop their intuition and to trust it. This will also give them insight into others as they pick up the vibrations of those they are close to (the number 2 influence). This card is ruled by the Moon and is all about potential and guidance and wisdom from a higher source.

Have a go at working out your own Cards. If you are not sure which card it is look back through my previous posts or look it up on the net. It really is quite interesting. and will give you some insight into why you are as amazing as you are!

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